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Brake Center

The brake system is one of the most important safety systems on your car. Sonic beats the competition when it comes to brake service and has a great reputation for excellent workmanship and quality customer service. Our brake inspection consists of the following:

Brake Check

All the above listed items must be carefully examined and compared with manufacture specifications and standards to make sure you have a safe and complete brake system. Brake Center has the most experienced technicians in the field of automotive brake repair to provide you with a reliable braking system. Come to one of our two convenient stores near you and experience our quality work first hand.

Brake Warning Signs

You know you need brake repair when:

  the brake dashboard light glows amber, indicating problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)

  you hear grinding or constant squealing during braking

  the brake dashboard light is red, indicating a system imbalance

  the brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond

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